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At LAUNCHER LUBE Lubricants Corporation safety is a top priority. To maintain the highest level of work-place protection, we enforce a safety first policy throughout our ISO certified blending and packaging plants as well as our LAUNCHER LUBE distribution centers.​


Product safety information on all of our oils, lubricants and chemicals is available through our MSDS’s (Material Safety and Data Sheets) for review and can be downloaded for record keeping purposes. Please visit our MSDS resource page for more information.


One of LAUNCHER LUBE’s unprecedented environmental achievements was seen in the formulation of our industrial mill and forestry chain lubricant, which has consistently reduced oil consumption by over 25% compared to any other lubricant of its kind. This has resulted in reduction of waste oil, improving equipment operation and hastening efficiencies in equipment processing. Additionally, it has given enhanced protection to equipment and wear parts from unnecessary premature replacement and disposal while substantially reducing lubricant consumption costs.


In addition to conserving your usage, our range of inherently biodegradable oils and lubricants are designed to work in the most environmentally sensitive areas including watersheds and marine environments. Visit Our Products page for more information.


The LAUNCHER LUBE product range includes oils and lubricants such as 0W-20 SN/GF-5 Full Synthetic, 5W-20 SN/GF-5 Synthetic Blend and 5W-20 SN/GF-5 Full Synthetic, 5W-30 SN/GF-5 Synthetic Blend and 5W-30 SN/GF-5 Full Synthetic, 10W-30 SN/GF-5 Synthetic Blend passenger car motor oils that are designed and certified to conserve resources.


Much like our industrial chain lubricant, our virgin base oils maximize the longevity of your assets and ensure smoother and more efficient engine and equipment operation while effectively reducing emissions and fuel consumption. Additionally, part of our environmentally responsible efforts include bulk packaging solutions that are collapsible and recyclable to simplify disposal, particularly helpful for use in remote regions, as well as reducing the environmental impact. This is just one of the ways we are honoring our commitment to maximize the use of recycled content in our packaging material.

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